In a statement, Rico Verhoeven has renounced the 'wild stories' that are circulating about the end of his relationship with Jacky Duchenne. The kickboxer writes on Instagram that he is the only source with accurate reporting.

Verhoeven and Duchenne announced earlier this week to break up after a thirteen-year relationship. "The reason for that is that we have unfortunately grown apart and it is better for ourselves and especially the children to continue separately in good harmony," he writes.

"To our grief and frustration, the wildest stories about the reason for our breakup are emerging. Some media have reported this week with suggestive reporting that causes unnecessary mood-making," the couple believes. "We hereby dissociate ourselves from any reporting other than this and ask everyone once again to give us the space to go through this difficult time as a family."

Earlier this week a rumor arose after Duchenne responded to an Instagram film by Yolanthe Cabau. Cabau showed the flowers that are on the memorial site of her deceased father, whereupon Duchenne insinuated that the roses came from Verhoeven and were sent before Valentine's Day. She later called this an "impulsive mistake."

The kickboxer writes to be aware of his status as a public person, but hopes that his children will not be affected by this unsolicited. Verhoeven and Duchenne have three children aged eight, five and two years old.