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Alia .. An Emirati who paints features and creates a cashier for people of determination


She contemplates the faces of women, examines them, scrutinizes more to discover the beauty inherent in them, then grabs her feathers and colors and begins drawing it again to add another beauty to her .. This is the hobby of Emirati artist Alia Ahmed Sultan, who made her an expert in the world of cosmetics, so she achieved success not in the vicinity of the Emirates

She looks at the faces of the women, examines them, scrutinizes more to discover the beauty inherent in them, then grabs their feathers and colors and begins drawing them again to add another beauty to them .. This is the hobby of Emirati artist Alia Ahmed Sultan, who made her an expert in the world of cosmetics, so she achieved success not only in the surrounding Emirates Indeed, in the Arab Gulf region, she won the honor of the first “creators” festival in 2017 as an innovator in the art of beauty.

Alia was not satisfied with this hobby and talent, as she succeeded in obtaining two patents for two devices, including an ATM for those of determination.

Alia spends long hours every day, after completing her official work as a government employee, working as a professional beauty expert, as she specializes in beautifying brides and some famous women, who were approved by a cosmetic expert to appear in the most beautiful way in front of their audience. In addition, Alia performs photo and video sessions for the latest and latest creations and arts in the field of cosmetics to share with her followers on social media, in addition to that she participates in the most important events and exhibitions concerned with the arts of beauty such as the bride exhibition that takes place in Dubai annually.

Today, after years of continuous work and honing skills, Alia has become one of the most famous experts in her field in the country, to be followed on tens of thousands of followers, including about 80 thousand followers on "Instagram" alone.

Multiple talent

From an early age, Alia was distinguished by being multi-talented, as she is an artist who loves drawing, beautification, photography and sewing, in addition to her skills in innovation, but her tendencies are gradually turning towards cosmetics, as she began experimenting with her arts in applying makeup on herself, before putting it on the face of others.

Alia says: «In my 14 years of age I discovered my talent in cosmetics, I used to buy different makeup tools and try them on my face and the faces of my sisters, my relatives, and my friends, and they discovered my distinction and excellence in this field, and encouraged me to go on with this hobby so I developed it through research, experimentation, reading and watching various videos To increase my cosmetic skills. ”

She adds: «My beauty hobby opened up new horizons in life and work that I did not expect or plan for. From the first video clip I made to a makeup session and I shared it on YouTube, it won seven million views during the first week, and it was amazing to me, what encouraged me to enter This world with greater confidence and high energy, as I continued to work with these videos and received many offers to work with (influential) women on social media and some well-known personalities who are asking me by name to put makeup on for them. ”

Alia believes that applying makeup like preparing the cook does not only require the availability of ingredients, but also a skill and a distinctive soul and a professional method of presentation. Beauty does not need the availability of tools only, but a cosmetic expert must have the sensitivity and art to bring out the face in the most beautiful and beautiful picture: «For me I love I adopt simplicity in applying makeup, and I highlight the beauty in a calm and blatant manner, and I learned makeup in the Indian, Lebanese and Gulf way, and currently I am learning to apply makeup according to the Western way.

“My career in the field of beauty is long and extended, and I will continue to work on it until I achieve my dreams of becoming the first cosmetic expert at the level of the Gulf and the region.

Patriotic duty

After completing her university education in higher colleges of technology, and obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media, Alia joined the Department of Marketing at the Ministry of Economy in Dubai, and since that time another journey has begun in giving, innovation and excellence in this field as well. She explains: “I feel that my government work is a national duty that I undertake towards my country, the Emirates, and I am keen to provide everything that can elevate this work and increase its development, whether by presenting ideas, proposals or innovations, and therefore I was honored more than once due to the innovations and ideas that I presented it on more than one occasion and effectiveness. ”

She was able to put a new imprint on her governmental work field, as she obtained two patents, the first for the "serve yourself" device, which is a self-service device to facilitate customer service, and the second invention is an ATM machine for people of determination, and I have received honors from the Ministry for its contributions and repeated contributions In "Innovation Week" activities.

I am still in the beginning of the journey

Alia Ahmed Sultan confirms that she still stores within her energy for work, creativity and innovation in her cosmetic hobby and her job in the Ministry of Economy, noting that she is still at the beginning of the journey towards more successes and giving.

She added that she owes what she has achieved today to all her family members who encouraged her and still give her hope, and encourage her towards more work and creativity, and also to her husband who stands beside her and provides her with all kinds of support and assistance to continue the path and fly in the sky of success.

- “I love and adopt simplicity in applying makeup, and highlight the beauty in a calm manner.”

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