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How many emails sent, data exchanged or videos watched generated greenhouse gas emissions over the past month? Orange, Free, Bouygues and the other operators will have to calculate all that our activities on the Web consume in energy and translate it into carbon emission.

Thursday, Secretary of State Brune Poirson brought together telephone operators, content broadcasters at the Ministry of Ecological Transition to launch the methodology work with Ademe (Environment and Energy Management Agency ) on the obligation to make available and public the carbon impact of our digital consumption. Each consumer will have to be informed by the end of 2021, the ministry said.

It is one of the measures contained in the anti-waste law, definitively adopted by the parliament on January 30th. These telephone operators have two years left to find an effective solution to inform the consumer. "It would be stupid, of course, for them to send us an email or an SMS," said RTL radio. Rather a mention on the invoice?


Anti-waste bill: "We didn't just want to delete some plastics," says Brune Poirson


Soon an environmental and social note on clothing, “Nutri-Score” style?

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