The Ghobsha Films company management has revealed the latest news of the Emirati movie "Social Man", which is scheduled to be launched during the summer season of 2020 in cinemas.

It is reported that the filming of about 85% of the scenes of the film, which were filmed completely in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in various locations, has been completed, and that the remaining scenes of the filming of the scenes will be completed this month. Good for the rest of the scenes, equipping all factors of success and mastery, and choosing the best locations to show the film in the best way.

Many prominent stars in the social media arena, such as Saad Abdullah, Khaled Abdullah, Musabah Bin Hashem, Issa Arab and Faris Al-Khaldi, who have remarkable acting skills, were chosen to participate in the work, as they were chosen by the director to form the closest reality to the movie story and its events, and to express truthfully On the mysteries of "social media" and what is going on behind the scenes.

The movie “Social Man” revolves around the conflict between the stars of Media Media Fahd and Ghaith to win the stardom of an advertising campaign for one of the biggest companies in the country, and attempts to get close to (the reigns) of the first campaign star begin, as this feverish struggle develops to each party trying to drop the second party In all legitimate and unlawful ways until a surprise occurs.