Scientists criticize the new virus conspiracy theory `` just fearful '' February 21 at 11:58

Scientists from around the world jointly issued a statement about the spread of unfounded information that the new coronavirus that spreads worldwide is artificially created at a Chinese laboratory, etc. Spreading incorrect information can only frighten fears and jeopardize cooperation among countries. "

Regarding the new coronavirus, unfounded information such as the virus artificially created at a Chinese laboratory leaked outside spreads, and in the United States, a senator in the United States stated that `` investigation is necessary '' on a TV program The ripples are spreading.

In response to this situation, 27 researchers, including medical researchers and public health experts from around the world, jointly issued a statement on the 19th in the British medical journal Lancet.

The statement states, "A study of genetic information has strongly concluded that the virus was derived from wild animals," denying that the virus was artificially created.

He then strongly criticized that "these" conspiracy theories "would only exacerbate fear and jeopardize cooperation among countries to combat the new virus."

WHO = The World Health Organization has launched a website to convey the wrong information and the spread of rumors about new virus infections and countermeasures, and to prevent the spread of erroneous information as well as the spread of infection Is an issue.