A 43-year-old German shot ten people in Hanau, Hessen, on Wednesday evening and killed himself. A racist letter and video are attributed to the alleged perpetrator, and the Attorney General is investigating suspected terrorism. Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement on Thursday afternoon that the "perpetrator acted on the basis of right-wing extremist, racist motives". Merkel and numerous other politicians condemned the act and expressed condolences to the families and friends of the murdered.

The act also moves many users at ZEIT ONLINE and causes horror and grief. Many also report their own racism experiences and growing concerns about their safety and that of their relatives. Read a selection of the voices here.

Many migrants or those who are read as such are very alone at the moment.

"Even if it now says" You are not alone ": Many migrants or those who are read as such are very alone at the moment. They are the only ones who go out on the streets in the evenings, get derogatory looks on the bus or when you see how they are disadvantaged in everyday life (looking for a place to live or work) just because they are not German, all small or large stitches that combine to form a whole manifest latent pain and the feeling of not being respected and protected because most people just accept it.

It would be nice if a broader consciousness and more empathy finally emerged. It would have been nice if many citizens and politicians hadn't just woken up when one of their own ranks - Walter Lübcke - was murdered. "I am on the side of all people who are threatened by racist hatred. They are not alone," says the Federal President. I hope that this compassion is serious and that there are really consequences. That enough money is made available for antifascist and people-connecting projects instead of being cut. " UserIn Zeiterleben

The opponent is on the far right

"Right-wing terrorists murder in our country, kill politicians, attack synagogues and plan attacks on mosques. They shoot wildly at peaceful shisha bar visitors, act underground like the NSU did at the time, there are death lists of unpleasant fellow citizens, they threaten local politicians and theirs Families, fascists sit in the Thuringian state parliament, and Alice Weidel rushes against the alleged knife men in the Bundestag. Democratic Germany in 2020 has a clear opponent, and it is on the far right. " User Deserter 2.0

It is the duty of every single democratic citizen, also with regard to the past, to rise up against the right and radical ideology. User in the Turkish reconnaissance

"An incredibly inhumane act that reminds of earlier times. Incredible. My condolences to the victims. As a society, we have to stand together and defend ourselves wherever haters of hatred express their racist ideologies But if we are quiet and do not rise up against it, even more haters of people will venture out of their small holes and distort public opinion to the right, and it is the duty of every democratic citizen, also with regard to the past, to do so against right and radical ideology. " User in the Turkish reconnaissance

I am very concerned about my wife

"It is so terrible, my condolences to the bereaved! What will happen to this country if people with a migration background have to be afraid again? Of course we have to wait for the investigation first, but if the current assumptions are confirmed, politics must do something I am very worried about my wife. It cannot be that I have to fear for her life in Germany in 2020, that she is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and only because she has a migration background urgent stopping, especially political. " User Anna-Lena I.

Some Democrats are blind to racism

"I am a gay man with a Kurdish migration background. I feel safer in Germany than in Turkey, Poland or the USA, because in the countries mentioned I have encountered much worse racism or homophobia than in Germany. Most of our fellow citizens and I trust my fellow citizens to stand up against racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia in one way or another, but you can not show anyone who is alone in his apartment and makes such plans. It is important that we now stick together as a society and don't let us split. People belonging to a minority shouldn't judge all Germans without a migration background. You have to differentiate between racists and cosmopolitan democrats, even if some of the democrats are blind to the racism that affects their fellow human beings. " UserIn Pan0007