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For me, seeing Millán Salcedo is like returning to a special of Those wonderful years. His humor, his voice, his jokes, his thanks remind me of those New Year's Eve of my childhood and adolescence and those days at school recess trying to imitate the famous sketch of Encarna and Móstoles dumplings.

To see Millán Salcedo is to enjoy, enjoy a mood that now seems to cost, enjoy the simple fact of laughing for laughing. And last night, in his first public appearance after the fright he gave last July, Millán Salcedo did it again. The Anthill returned me to that Millán Salcedo of the narrowed eye, the pot comings, the crazy conversations and, above all, much, much absurd humor, much necessary humor .

It was not an easy interview for Pablo Motos because what he came to tell is not easy for anyone, but Millán Salcedo , even racking at times, made it easy, just like his humor, that simple, simple humor, but so, so, so great It is blessed glory to have this man one hundred percent again, without half a tongue, but one hundred percent.

Yes, Millán Salcedo has had a good piece of tongue removed and for which some would be something that would not be shouted at four winds, he tells it and recounts it as many times as he pleases. He laughs at himself , maybe we should all laugh more at ourselves, or what milk! Let others laugh at us and us at them or with them. "Now I will celebrate two birthdays, the reborn one, which is July 4th, and my birthday," and it is not for less.

Although many things were published about what happened to Millán Salcedo on July 4 in Seville, he is the only one who has always had the truth and the truth is very different from what was said. In fact, rarely been seen Millán Salcedo last night was very angry and upset with the press, "with the riffraff , " he went on to say issued, according to the humorist, real atrocities and lies. But what happened to Millán Salcedo? Why was part of the tongue removed? What has happened to him since then?

The wonderful thing about an interview with someone like Millán Salcedo is that there is no need to ask. He arrived at El Hormiguero and sat down (first on the site of Pablo Motos) in front of him because he really wanted to talk. To talk about anything, about the owners of the dogs that don't pick up the poops, about their collage exhibition in Móstoles, about their father and their deceased brother, about everything and, above all, about him, about what happened to him, That was not turkey mucus .

"I see you in top form," Pablo Motos started the interview and did not need to say another word, Millán Salcedo was going to release all the artillery of the pull and without brake. "Above all I come to tell the truth because the Viperine languages ​​have told many lies ... They have cut me a little piece of language and the news is that I have bitten my tongue and I have not been poisoned."

Given this what are you going to say, because all you can do is laugh. "I want us to tell you a little that you have saved yourself and you are well, but that you could have died," Pablo Motos snapped with all the reason because Millán Salcedo did not suffer a double stroke as published at the time, but it was just about to die. And what happens when comedian is about to die? Well, they laugh until death.

"They say that half a double stroke driving, and how is it possible ... But if I don't know how to drive! Lying. It gave me a surge in tension because I didn't take care of myself much . I drank a lot of salt and ate like a pig. Now I have that I eat a diet that you pee . I have not had a beer for 8 months and I am curing it because I have a lot of willpower. " Because the thing was not a joke, although now he laughs.

As he said last night in El Hormiguero, Millán Salcedo was in Seville having a drink with a friend when he started having terrible headaches. "It was as if they were giving me razors in the back of my head," he explained. In a matter of seconds, from the pains he went to see colors - "he looked like the Antena 3 logo, with many colors" - and ended up fainting. It was thanks to the person who accompanied him so today you can count Millán Salcedo.

"Yes, a friend saved me ... He later told me terrible things about what had happened because I don't remember anything since I passed out until I woke up in the hospital. When this happens to you there is no tunnel with a light not even a brunette, nothing happened, it happens to you and you don't find out anything, I don't remember anything (...) That the movie of your life is happening to you, nothing, thankfully, the Robbery of the jewel or the one here smells like dead . " Humor, always humor. Millán Salcedo will come death to take away the laughter. Ha!

The friend, despite the one who apparently got around him, reacted quickly and could save his life. "Apparently I passed out, I must have fallen to the ground and he did not know where to go, but he took care of everything. And when I woke up I felt so good that I got to take a picture of the tongue that had become inflamed .and as with a kokotxa. But it turns out that he later gave me another one in the hospital, which I don't remember either. "

What happened to Millán Salced or was a surge in tension that caused an epileptic attack. "I had to have surgery because I got so many injuries from the epilepsy attack that he gave me for not taking care of me. But now I take care of myself. I don't know why weird spells are selling that I don't have anyone, an image of poor guy. But what do they say? if I live as a fucking mother! It is true that for all the time I have dedicated to Tuesday and Thirteen I have neglected my life as a couple. I have given everything to Tuesday and Thirteen, and I do not know if I will leave it after what happened. , I am not going to say that I leave it because I do not retire even God. " Millán Salcedo really wanted to talk, many . So many things to say after so many months keeping silent, so many things to tell, after so many lies, so much humor to give and so many laughs to give.

In El Hormiguero, he didn't care if Pablo Motos asked him or not. He came to what was coming and if the concepts were mixed, mixed together, because only someone like Millán Salcedo can mix things and it seems that everything makes sense, that everything is a wonderful absurdity, that everything fits into a quasi perfect madness .

But not all have been joys. The scare of Millán Salcedo caused endless information before which the comedian has remained silent until last night. Last night, Millán Salcedo did not want to shut up anymore and told real barbarities that, as he said in El Hormiguero , "there is no right". "I was in the Sacred Heart of Seville, in the ICU, about 12 or 13 days , without a cell phone. Above when I went up to the floor and retrieved the phone, I spoke like Franco opening marshes. And some journalist called me, recorded me without my permission and he published it. And of course, with that voice, imagine. Not everything can be worth it to get audiences, "and then he addressed the audience, his audience:" We will give a minute of silence for this crowd, well, no, a second , who deserve no more. There is no right. " What Pablo Motos lacked, which has the same desire that Millán Salcedo told the press.

And this is all Millán Salcedo had to tell about his fright. That was why he went to El Hormiguero last night. However, Millán Salcedo has so much to tell. One of the best known faces of humor in Spain and television and still today it amazes all the stories it tells. And last night he didn't shut up, because his boneless was heated and, besides scolding the owners of the dogs, he also had time to reveal what really happened to Encarna Sánchez, Isabel Pantoja and that Tuesday and Thirteen sketch by the that was - the parrot! - threatened, guarded and insulted by Encarna Sánchez herself in her program. By the way, with Isabel Pantoja everything seems fine.

"Directors of Antena 3, please, I ask you to make a program in which that sketch is broadcast and stop at the place where it offends. Where is the offense? I think Encarna was warmed up. The famous and controversial sketch is one in which Millán Salcedo becomes Encarna Sánchez and Josema Yuste, in Isabel Pantoja, and that was broadcast in 1992 on the program El 92 digs with everything.The sketch parodied the relationship of the tonadillera and the announcer. And what is parody? Well, according to the definition, imitate in a burlesque way a genre, an artistic or literary work, the style of a writer, or the gestures or way of being of a person. And that is what they did causing the anger of Khan, the wrath of Encarna Sánchez.

"Encarna Sánchez put me a vigilante for hours. She made a memo about me. I received messages on my answering machine that I wanted death. She was not, but they were like-minded people. I went to a Cuban santero. She said 'these , how little grace they have (...) ladybug, ladybug ... 'Who would I say it for? They've cut my tongue and I can't stop talking. " Millán Salcedo in its purest state, without filters, without Encarna Sánchez.

Millán Salcedo has stories because even dead. His tongue was so loose that when Pablo Motos asked him about the mysterious woman he met at a party at Juan Pardo's house, Millán Salcedo did not hesitate to report that it was a medium that was chasing him all night at the party until he They found him in a bathroom and she told him that "he was a being of light" whom two figures protected: a 13-year-old boy and a man in his forties. They were the father and brother of Millán Salcedo. That woman told him to get rid of everything he had in his house related to the dead. He listened and erased the trauma he had with his father's death. "I listened to him and now I have a great relationship with my father and my brother, may they rest in peace , " he said .

"Pablo, do you think I have light?" Millán Salcedo asked at the end of the interview with Pablo Motos. Yes, Millán Salcedo , as the medium told you, you are light, the light of memories, the light of humor that was lost and now it is difficult to recover, the light of the one who laughs even at his own shadow. And that in these times, it is a miracle.

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