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[In-it] "I can't go home without me."


It means a haphazard thought that comes to mind while driving. I've linked episodes of driving with company life. A call came from the head of the headquarters' partner company. It was a very excited voice. = Why is that local service? Too many complaints from customers. "-The agency has given up as we reported.

The Lucky Four (last)
It means 'a laid back thought while driving'. I've linked episodes of driving with company life.

A call came from the head of the headquarters' partner company. It was a very excited voice.

= Why is that local service? Too many protests from customers. "

-The agency has given up as we reported. Only basic services are provided, but please wait a while until the new manager is appointed. "

= When are you appointed? I have to do my job noisy, what is it? "

I was a little embarrassed to hear this reproach.
"This agency is the place where the contract was terminated because the executives didn't meet the company's standards. But it's hard to find a substitute manager, so we've already reported it several times." But he is forced to be angry. Shortly after taking this task, there was a broken place. "I'm trying my best to get a replacement manager right now. I'll get things done soon."

Another call came. This time, he is the president of the client company. It is said that it is upsetting. I left my office frustrated and went to the point of trouble. Oh my god. When we arrived, some customers came to us and protested our staff. I turned to the manager's office, leaving the scene. The manager seemed to be several years older in a few days. I asked the manager who looked tired, "What's going on?" Here is what he said.

The dealership now publicly says that he will take his hands off. But it did not completely stop service. The reason for this is that I do not want to take legal responsibility after the contract is terminated, and it seems that I am going to do it again anyway. Unfortunately, no one is willing to do it there. Perhaps it's a community, so it's unlikely to appear unless the manager is completely out of hand now.

In the report of the branch manager, it was particularly painful to say, "It is a community so no substitutes will come until the person completely gives up." But I could not show disappointment. Deliberately said in a cheerful voice. "I have to die more." As time went by, the company's reproach worsened, and some customer complaints reached the sky.

Of course, in the meantime, we also tried to make the organization as much as possible. Once persuaded headquarters, the necessary resources were supported, thereby normalizing service to key customers first. It was tinkering prescription, but the worst was prevented. As a result, I received information that the existing distributor was a bit embarrassed. If you hit the shittang so far the consultation has come in, but this time it is not. But that was it. I didn't seem to have a tail. So much went by.

During that painful time, one thing was clear. The reseller said he would give up the dealership, saying it was a "false." He actually wanted to do it again. When the contract was just a few days away, this was evident at a meeting to finalize.

= Why do you want to leave me at work? "

-What are you talking about? The distributor didn't say no. So I'm having a hard time.

= The strong have to appease the weak. Is there no such thing at all, can we just ask for a white flag?

-(Recently) We can't meet the manager. Sorry.

= Who is my successor? No.

-We will operate directly for the time being.

= (Embarrassed) directly? The damage to the company would be significant. Can you afford it? Are you really running directly?

So I asked if I would do it again now. He was embarrassed at the moment of the direct management, but immediately he said, 'How long will the company last? Eventually I will come back to me with better conditions. ' Seemed to have faith. So the contract was really 'terminated'.

The road to traffic after the final termination of the contract and future plans were reported to the head office. As the car stopped a lot of time, I naturally looked back over the years. Why did I choose this trouble? The answer came up easily. Because of the arrogant dealership, he did not die many times, but once he chose this road to live properly. (The same was true of the company management.)

So why didn't he want to give up the agency, and why didn't he compromise with us until the end? There may have been economic greed, but he seems to have convinced himself that there is no alternative but himself. So the conviction that the company will inevitably end up even if he makes an unreasonable demand made him go straight to the last minute. Of course, his decision would be like me to die once and live properly. (Never see him as bad now.) But after a time, will he regret his judgment? The unknown or the following article is likely to be a reference.

-There is a call waiting for you. I have been taking over the acquisition thoroughly, but there will be a blockage if I do the actual work. When that difficult moment comes, the former team leader realizes how great my existence is. But after a week, the phone didn't come and it hurt me. Organizations work, not individuals… I mistake myself for being great. Actually, it was nothing. -

After an employee who was truly unique in a company had a conflict with a team leader and was eventually kicked out, he wrote that he was not really big on the deportation, and even if he wasn't, the organization saved well.

A person (organization) who is sure of himself or herself should realize quickly. Hopefully you won't, but you'll have a late regret.

I grasp the steering wheel, realizing that it is the same.

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