`` Get out '' arrested knife man at Shibuya Ward Office February 21 12:06

On the morning of the 21st, a man with a knife appeared at the Shibuya Ward Office in Tokyo and was taken over by staff members. The Metropolitan Police Department has been arrested for attempted murder and is investigating details.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, at around 10 am on the 21st, a man with a kitchen knife appeared at the window of welfare at the No. 2 Mitake Branch Office at Shibuya Ward Office in Tokyo, and was overtaken by staff and security guards there.

No one was injured, but the man was arrested for attempted murder.

According to the ward, it was said that the arrested recipient of the welfare program was entering the government building with his blades exposed, naming the staff in charge and shouting, "Get out."

The Metropolitan Police Department is examining the details by listening to the situation from a man.