This was reported by the press service of the center.

"Armen Artavazdovich Bunyatyan passed away on February 19 ... Bunyatyan has outstanding achievements in organizing and developing the anesthesiology service in the country, being for 26 years (1965-1991 ..) the chief anesthesiologist of the USSR Ministry of Health," the statement said.

As noted in the center, Bunyatyan is the creator of the first domestic school of anesthesiology-resuscitation. Under his leadership, 17 doctoral and 78 master's theses were defended. He is the author of 15 monographs, seven inventions, and over 600 printed scientific works.

It is clarified that Bunyatyan was awarded many awards for his medical and educational activities.

Earlier it was reported that a leading specialist of the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMPI) Inesa Kozlovskaya died at the 93rd year of life.