Jean Daniel, founder of the "Nouvel Observateur", died at the age of 99, on February 19, 2020 - IBO / SIPA

Jean Daniel, founder of the Nouvel Observateur become Obs, died at 99 years, announced the weekly Thursday. "He died Wednesday night at the age of 99 after a long life of passion, commitment and creation," said L'Obs . The most prestigious French journalist has died. He was at the same time a witness, an actor and a conscience of this world. A great left consciousness, Jean Daniel founded in 1964 with Claude Perdriel Le Nouvel Observateur, of which he was the director of publication until 2008.

Born July 21, 1920 in Blida, Algeria, Jean Daniel, born Bensaïd, wrote his first article in the Express in 1954 for which he covered the Algerian war. In 1964, he took over with the industrialist Claude Perdriel France Observateur which became Le Nouvel Observateur and made it "the weekly of the" second left "and of great societal struggles: legalization of abortion, gay rights, anti-racism ..." , points out the Obs .


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