KBS Han Sang-hun announcer said about the unsatisfied suspicions related to getting off the program recently.

Han Sang-hun announcer suddenly got off the controversy by getting off the KBS 'live and live information'. Han Sang-hun announcer was put into the 'live information communication' as the successor to Do Kyung-wan announcer in July of last year, and got off after getting off after only 7 months.

In particular, when the Han Sang Hun announcer revealed the real name of Han Sang Hun announcer, "Han Sang Hun Announcer was threatened by nightlife woman," the netizens assumed that Han Sang Hun Announcer got off the broadcasting program in the aftermath of the incident.

One announcer said, "I will clarify the controversy not based on accurate facts later." Said.

(SBS funE Kang Kyung-yoon)