A lawyer in charge of actor Ha Jung-woo, who had been suspected of taking propofol, said in an interview.

Cho Kwang-hee, a lawyer of the law firm, who is in charge of Ha Jung-woo's case, yesterday (19th) interviewed Sports Chosun to clarify the suspicions and conveyed the current state of Ha Jung-woo.

Regarding Ha Jung-woo's medical treatment under his brother's name, lawyer Cho said, "The part that I can clearly talk about was not requested by Ha Jung-woo first, but I asked the doctor to see my medical treatment first." "When you book a reservation, you are careful enough not to make a reservation in your name."

He said, "In addition, the doctor in charge talked about the doctor's treatment strongly and seemed to receive medical treatment with no doubt." "After a long time, I found out that the conglomerate is a hospital where people go. I came to understand it without doubt. "

Regarding the diagnosis of propofol in the course of dermatology treatment, "Normally, we know that propofol is prescribed for endoscopy. Ha Jung-woo's dermatology was a laser procedure. This was a big procedure, "he said." It is only a drug prescribed at the doctor's discretion, never overdose or illegally used. "

Attorney Cho said, “I'm reflecting on the current state of Ha Jung-woo's carelessness and carelessness.” I'm suffering from this situation as I faced this situation simply to see my skin.

"To date, Ha Jung-woo has not been asked to attend the prosecution service," he said. "I submitted a statement to the prosecutor last week, which contains a position to be investigated as soon as possible and clean up all suspicions."

Finally, attorney Cho said, "Ha Jung-woo is currently on a schedule overseas, and he plans to work actively when a request for prosecutor's investigation comes. He has expressed his willingness to be investigated sincerely."

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