Sagamihara Handicapped Person Lawyer “Defendant is insanity” Claimed innocent and concluded February 19 at 14:28


Defendant's lawyer gave his final opinion on the case of the case where 19 residents were killed at the intellectually disabled facility in Sagamihara City on Tuesday, saying, "At the time, the defendant was in insanity." Once again claimed that he was not guilty and innocent.

A prosecutor told the defendant at the time of the case that a defendant was charged with the crime of killing 19 resident defendants, Uematsu Seiji (30), a former employee of the Tsukui Yamayurien, a facility for intellectual disabilities in Sagamihara City. Appealed to death for responsibilities.

The hearing was final on the 19th, and the defendant's lawyer stated in his final opinion that the use of cannabis had no or little effect on the offense. There is no explanation for the leap in motivation to kill severely disabled people or the sudden change in personality since childhood, and there is doubt about the credibility. "

He further asserted that "the defendant committed the crime with morbid and unusual thoughts resulting from prolonged use of cannabis. She was innocent due to the effects of mental illness and should be acquitted."

Defendant Uematsu, who was appearing in a black suit after this, sat in front of the testimony and reiterated his discriminatory claims against the disabled, saying, "I will not appeal any judgment. The real issue in this case is, I think it's about thinking when you can't communicate. "

The trial is settled on the 19th, and the ruling will be sentenced on the 16th of next month.