New virus Wakayama Prefecture "No new infection" February 19 18:32

Regarding hospitals in Yuasa-cho, Wakayama Prefecture, where infection with the new coronavirus continues, the prefecture announced that all were negative as a result of testing 48 people including hospital staff and patients from the 18th to the 19th. . The prefecture will continue to hurry the necessary people.

In Wakayama Prefecture, doctors, inpatients, and their families have been infected one after another at Saiseikai Arita Hospital in Yuasa Town, and 12 cases have been confirmed so far.

The prefecture is conducting tests on hospital staff and inpatients, as well as close contacts of those who have been confirmed to be infected, as it is necessary to widely confirm whether the infection has spread.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Governor Nisaka announced that all 48 patients were negative after testing a total of 48 people from the 18th to the 19th, `` It seems that hospital infections are not spreading one after another. '' I said.

In addition, the prefecture is operating on a cruise ship `` Diamond Princess '' berthed at the port of Yokohama, and on the 18th, a male nurse in his 30s who was infected was returned to Wakayama prefecture on a transportation method. Announced.

According to the report, the man traveled to Shin-Osaka Station on No. 43, Nozomi 43, which left Shin-Yokohama Station at 3:29 pm on March 15, and was wearing a mask inside the car. .

The prefecture will continue to test hospital staff, inpatients, and close contacts.