Kickboxer Rico Verhoeven and his partner Jacky Duchenne split up after a relationship of thirteen years. The couple already had relationship problems at the time of Verhoeven's last fight with Badr Hari, in December, he says in De Telegraaf on Monday .

"Before the match, during my warm-up, she had applauded to Dennis (Krauweel, Verhoeven's trainer, ed.):" Does Rico want me to come to the dressing room before the fight? ", Said the kick boxer." Dennis wanted did not decide on that and placed it with me. We have always done it, so I thought it would be a good idea not to break that routine. "

According to Verhoeven, he and Duchenne have still been in relationship therapy, but that has not helped.

The 30-year-old kick boxer and the 33-year-old Duchenne got to know each other as teenagers, but were never married. They have three children, aged eight, five and two years.