Petitions that ask for a change in the way British gossip press interact with famous people are signed hundreds of thousands of times after the death of presenter Caroline Flack. Two petitions together received more than 900,000 signatures, while 10,000 are needed to get the subject on the agenda at the lower house.

Flack put an end to her life on 15 February at the age of forty. The British who presented Love Island and X Factor , among others, became discredited in December after she was arrested on suspicion of mistreatment of her boyfriend. She would appear in court on March 4 for this case.

In the descriptions of the petitions that were set up through and 38 Degrees platforms, it is written that parts of the British press make the setbacks of famous people a sensation without regard to the mental health of these celebrities.

With the petitions, the initiators and those who signed it hope that it will be punishable, among other things, to disclose information without proof, to record quotes from unreliable sources, not respecting privacy and to make and publish paparazzi photos without permission.

Petitions with 10,000 or more signatures are discussed in the British lower house. However, this does not mean that a substantive debate is taking place.

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