Governor Tottori Maruyama announces “Iku Boss” to boost work and child care February 17, 11:21 on February 17

Shimane's Governor Maruyama has declared the so-called "Iku-Boss" on the 14th, aiming to be a workplace boss that helps his subordinates balance work and childcare.

Shimane Prefecture has been training “Iku Boss” since this year, and is working to correct long working hours and create workplaces that can balance work with childcare and nursing care.

On the 14th, 17 people, including Governor Maruyama and executives, took part in the training at the prefectural office. He told me that it was not possible to achieve the purpose, and my boss explained that it was important to actively increase momentum.

After that, Governor Maruyama declared the “Iku Boss” and signed a declaration stating that meetings should be streamlined in order to use time effectively and that male employees should take childcare leave.

According to the prefecture, 7.9% of male employees took childcare leave last year, but this year they are aiming for 13%.

Governor Maruyama said, "Because working as governor affects the entire prefectural office, I want to devise my own actions and actions to minimize unnecessary work and maximize the results."