Establishing a “Hot Outpatient” window at the hospital parking lot Wakayama Arita Feb. 17, 18:10

In order to prevent the new coronavirus, which has been confirmed to be infected one after another at hospitals in neighboring towns, a hospital in Arita City, Wakayama Prefecture, will set up a separate window in the parking lot of the hospital from the 17th to prevent fever and cough. We are interviewing people who may be infected, such as those who have symptoms.

In response to the successive infections of new coronavirus by doctors and patients at the Saiseikai Arita Hospital in Yuasa-cho, the Arita City Hospital in Arita City, adjacent to Arita City Hospital, started a hospital with a fever outpatient from the 17th. A new window has been set up.

At this window, if a person who may be infected with the new coronavirus, such as a fever or cough, visits a doctor or nurse in a car or ambulance in a parking lot before entering the hospital. to hold. And if necessary, it will also test for influenza.

In addition, if infection with the new coronavirus is suspected, we will guide you to a different building from general outpatients and proceed with procedures such as virus testing.

At the parking lot, doctors and nurses wearing masks and gloves heard stories from visitors.

Mr. Yoshiki Jimbo of Arita City Hospital said, "Some people are weak in hospitals, so we want to cooperate with prefectures to prevent the spread of infection."