The storm "Dennis" moves over England with strong gusts of wind and heavy rain. The British Department of Defense therefore sent the army to affected areas. The ministry said the soldiers were deployed in the West Yorkshire region in the north of the country. Two people may have died in the storm.

Two bodies were recovered off the coast of Great Britain in rough seas. One of the dead may be a man who had fallen from a tanker hours earlier. For Saturday, wind speeds of 145 kilometers per hour and waves up to 30 meters high had been predicted over the North Atlantic.

According to the national weather agency, the north and south-west of the kingdom were particularly affected by the storms. British Airways and EasyJet flights were canceled due to the storm. The authorities issued a warning for the south-east of the country on Sunday.

The West Yorkshire region, which received military aid, had been hit particularly hard by floods last weekend as a result of the "Ciara" storm.