New virus Two MSDF vessels practicing voyage Canceling foreign port entry February 14 17:19

Two Maritime Self-Defense Force vessels practicing in the Pacific Ocean are reported to be difficult to accept from the island nations of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands, as they have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Japan. I canceled the port entry to both countries.

According to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, the training ships Shimayuki and Setoyuki have been carrying out a one-month practice voyage in the Pacific Ocean from April 4 with about 420 members, including members of senior candidates.

After visiting Guam, the training ship was expected to enter Micronesia and the Marshall Islands, but from both countries through the local Japanese embassy, ​​`` Restricted entry from countries confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. It is difficult to accept troops, "he said.

The training ship will change dates and return from Guam to Japan, visiting various parts of Okinawa.

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force says, "I am very sorry to cancel the port, but I will continue to seize the opportunity to work for goodwill with the Pacific island countries."