Hina doll tour in the hot spring town before the peach festival Tottori Misasa-cho February 14 16:52

Ahead of next month's peach festival, more than 30 inns and other dolls are on display at the hot spring resort in Misasa-cho, Tottori prefecture.

In the hot spring town of Misasa-cho, dolls are displayed at 33 places such as inns and tourist facilities at the same time, so that tourists can enjoy the unique town walking at this time.

Among these, the gallery, which is made use of vacant stores, displays large dolls with 11-stage decorations received from inns in the closed town and valuable dolls that were produced in the late Taisho era.

At the same time, there are also cute dolls made by local nursery school children drawing on the toilet paper core.

Masaki Inoue, Secretary General of the Misasa Onsen Tourism Association, said, "Because of the warm winter and the easy-going climate, I hope you will enjoy the dolls and enjoy the hot springs slowly."

The exhibition of Hina dolls in the hot spring area will be held until next month.