• The number of deaths from the novel coronavirus ( Covid-19) has risen to 1,400 in China. The province of Hubei is particularly affected . In addition, 64,000 cases have now been registered, reports the Health Commission. The sharp increase is due to a new diagnostic procedure.
  • DNA tests in the laboratory often fail to determine the infection. That is why the authorities are now allowing doctors to report cases without a laboratory test.
  • Prevention measures are being taken worldwide, and the EU health ministers want to tighten entry controls.
  • Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn fears new drug shortages in Europe due to the Covid 19 epidemic.
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09:24 February 14th, 2020

Hasan Gokkaya

The sharp rise in new infections is also due to new diagnostic methods that Chinese doctors are now using. Since DNA tests in the laboratory are often unable to determine the infection, the cases in which doctors have found typical symptoms of Covid 19 are now included in the calculation; such as pneumonia, fever or breathing problems.

However, the new counting method is only used in the province of Hubei, not in the rest of the country. The World Health Organization (WHO) welcomes the new approach. It allows people in Hubei to be isolated and treated more quickly, and contacts to be monitored earlier.

    08:49 February 14, 2020

    Hasan Gokkaya

    More than six weeks after the first infections with the novel corona virus became known, the epidemic, which is particularly widespread in China, has not subsided. According to the latest information from the authorities, six hospital employees in the People's Republic have died of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). Since Tuesday, 1,716 new infections with the pathogen have been detected.

    The number of coronavirus infections in the People's Republic is now more than 64,000 . The death toll is 1,380 .

    The Chinese province of Hubei is particularly affected. The total number of known diseases there is just under 52,000.

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