Mingus Dagelet, known from films such as Koning van Katoren and Mannenharten , says in de Volkskrant on Friday that he finds himself "a bit spoiled" now that he looks back on the course of his career so far.

The 28-year-old Dagelet, son of actor Hans Dagelet and viola player Esther Apituley, talks about his privileged youth in the Amsterdam Zuid district and how he got film roles with reasonable ease.

"At the time I didn't realize how special it was," says the actor. "Maybe because I didn't know anything else from home. A life as an actor, that made sense, that felt natural."

Dagelet also went very well at the drama school, but then suddenly it became quiet in terms of assignments. "Then I also became very sick," the actor continues. "A long, unpleasant aftermath of a jaw abscess, which prevented me from eating and could hardly stand on my legs. As a result, I was unable to work for a while. So sometimes it was really struggling."

Setback had an effect on personality

"That setback has had a great effect on who I am now," explains Dagelet. "As an actor, but also as a person. It was a reality check. Because in retrospect I find myself a bit spoiled. I didn't think about happiness and success; that was just a matter of course."

The actor calls his appearances in Prison Monologues , where he met detainees in different prisons, the "most valuable" he has ever done. "Because I have experienced that sometimes things can go badly and have seen at Prison Monologues how easy it really can go wrong, I am now a dear person, I think. Opener, more respectful, more grateful."

Dagelet became famous at the age of fifteen through the Vrijland series. He played various film and television roles, but is also on stage. In 2015 he was shown in De Stille Kracht , among others.