François Berléand and François-Xavier Demaison, will give the answer on February 25 in the play "Par le bout du nez". François Berléand plays a famous psychiatrist there helping the President of the Republic. In "Culture Media" on Wednesday, the actor recounts his difficult experience with a psychiatrist, when he was a child.


In the play By the end of the nose , at the Antoine theater from February 25, François Berléand plays a famous psychiatrist called to come to the aid of the newly elected President of the Republic, played by François-Xavier Demaison, who cannot deliver his inaugural address because of itchy nose. An adaptation of the successful Spanish play El Electo by Ramon Madaula, written by the authors of the First name Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de La Patellière. In "Media Cultures" on Wednesday, François Berléand spoke of his unhappy experience with a psychiatrist when he was a child.

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"He didn't say 'Jacques said' so I didn't put my right hand on my left leg"

The actor of My Idol and the Choristers , lived a particular childhood. At 11, his father tells him that he is the son of the invisible man, in reference to the television series. An affirmation which leads him to the gates of madness. One day, he arrives in class completely naked, convinced that he is really invisible. François Berléand was then sent for consultation to a child psychiatrist. "My mother told me that I would take tests so, for me, the tests were games," he explains.

So when, after ten minutes without question, the shrink asks him to stand up and put his right hand on his left leg, he does not understand. "He didn't say 'Jacques said' so I didn't put my right hand on my left leg," he recalls. The psychiatrist therefore asks him if he understands what he is saying to him. "There, I told myself that he wanted to play 'neither yes nor no' so everything got tough," says the actor. "Indeed, when you don't want to put your right hand on your left leg and you don't say yes or no, it's a bit complicated ...", remarks François Berléand. He was then sent to the Sainte Barbe college. "And there, I sank. Really, literally," recalls the actor.