• Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, everyone wants them back
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The love story between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt could be the plot of any Hollywood movie. Although the couple was only married for five years, it became one of the most iconic in the film industry. Then, the drama arrived. In 2004 they put an end to their relationship. Since then rumors of reconciliation have always haunted them.

The last anecdote that has revived that flame, and that illusion for thousands of fans, has been an image during one of the parties after the Oscar Awards. According to Page Six, the actor was celebrating the triumph of his award for 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' with other colleagues by profession: Leonardo Di Caprio or Martin Scorsesse. Near this group was Jennifer Aniston, who seems to be approached to congratulate the actor on his award. However, that talk, says Page Six, did not stay in a simple conversation.

That snapshot adds to the viral image that went around the world last week, when during the Actors Guild Awards, the actor took Jennifer Aniston by the hand. In another sequence of that scene, he holds his left arm.

These snapshots reflect, again, the good harmony you have with your ex and that the reconciliation could be closer. Despite his divorce, Brad Pitt has always been present in the most important moments of his life. For example, he was the surprise guest of the party he organized to celebrate his half century of life.

It has been just a year since that incredible party that brought together numerous faces known as Reese Witherspoon, Leonardo DiCaprio or his friends 'Friends' Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox . Aniston blows the cake candles again, while thousands of followers wait to read that they have given themselves another chance, because the second parts, sometimes, are good.

Unfortunate in love

The label 'unfortunate in love' has always accompanied the queen of romantic comedies. The actress has experienced several love failures. Before Brad, some of his colleagues occupied his heart: Daniel McDonald, Tate Donovan, Adam Duritz and Paul Rudd .

After her sound divorce with Brad Pitt , the actress maintained a long relationship with Vince Vaughn , whom she met during the filming of 'Separados' . This list of relationships adds names like Orlando Bloom, Aaron Eckhart or John Mayer.

In 2015 he married by surprise with Justin Theroux , with whom he had been dating for more than four years. For her it was the second marriage, which, again, ended in divorce. Since then, everyone seems to want to find her boyfriend, when she is in a great wonder and has turned to her job as an actress. Of course, she is tired of people and the media feeling sorry for her.

In fact, in August 2018, he made statements in an American publication , where he said he was fed up with the stereotypes he has to endure because he is a woman and not be married or have children. The actress is happy single and childless. In this decision, which he has freely taken, he is supported by several studies, because although society is committed, living as a couple and having children are not always synonymous with happiness.

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