Infringement of neutrality and independence

A man in Tokyo submitted a complaint to Prime Minister Abe to the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office regarding the government's decision to extend the duty of Tokyo Attorney General Kurokawa's Attorney General Kurokawa, who was supposed to be retired this month. It violates neutrality and independence. "

Attorney General Hiroshi Kurokawa of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office was set to retire this month, but at the end of last month, the government made a cabinet decision to extend work until August based on the provisions of the National Public Service Law. The extension of the prosecutor's office is extremely unusual, and some have speculated that this may be a measure to be appointed as the next attorney general.

A man and a lawyer in Tokyo held a press conference on Monday, saying, `` It was illegal to extend the retirement age of the prosecutor who is 63 years old under the Public Prosecutor's Office Law under the provisions of the National Public Service Law, which hindered the prosecution's work. '' He stated that he had filed a complaint with Prime Minister Abe to the Supreme Prosecutor's Office and filed a petition with the Prosecutor Eligibility Examination Board to recommend the removal of the Attorney General.

At the conference, male attorney Teruo Ikuta criticized the lawyer as saying, "If the Cabinet could extend the office of the prosecutor at his own discretion, it would infringe on the independence and neutrality of the prosecution and cannot be overlooked."

Justice Minister Mori told the Budgeting Committee of the lower house on March 3 that "in order to respond to investigations and trials of serious, complicated and difficult cases, it is essential that command and supervision based on Attorney General Kurokawa's extensive experience and knowledge are essential. I judge that there is. "