From surprise to surprise. From bomb to bomb. From Seville to Madrid. Alejandro Talavante has just signed three afternoons at the next San Isidro Fair . As EL MUNDO has been able to know, it is the first figure - neither Roca Rey, nor Juli, nor Manzanares, nor Morante, who wants to return, nor Aguado, nor the winner of the year as Paco Ureña is, have spoken anything yet - that closes its presence in the most important and long fair in the world. Talavante seems determined to leave us with his ass in the air to those who affirm that he reappeared "like José Tomás". When this newspaper brought forward the news of his reappearance in Arles (France), everything pointed out that it would be so. Or it was like that and it isn't anymore. Or directly never was. Namely now.

The thing is that since it was announced that he would make a "measured" season, his new proxies, Joselito and Joaquín Ramos, project an inverse strategy. The three afternoons in Madrid, as an ordago to the big one, is already the reconfirmation of the thrombus attack. That began in Seville by signing Easter Sunday, and two more afternoons, after the refusal of Pablo Aguado and El Juli to fight the run of Garcigrande. For different reasons, as you know. Only 24 hours after his return in the Arlesian sands, AT will make the paseíllo between Morante de la Puebla and Roca Rey . As if the official reappearance moved to the Baratillo.

Between Maestranza and Las Ventas, Talavante is going to wear six afternoons, which is not said soon. If Seville changed our pace, the bet of San Isidro already leaves us speechless. What has not transcended are livestock farms with Plaza 1, the Monumental company. That has also opened his game of chess on the board of the making of a San Isidro that will gain speed in the coming weeks. What will happen now with the rest of the figures once Alejandro is positioned as a May star? Interesting. At the moment, his name already dazzles in the bright poster of his square par excellence.

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