Maxime Chattam helps you break a dead end in writing a book - 20 Minutes

  • 20 Minutes is organizing, until April 19, a writing competition open to all: the “20 Minutes of the Novel Prize”, on the theme “The future belongs to the youth” and whose winner will be published.
  • Godfather and president of the jury, the novelist Maxime Chattam gives his advice on video.
  • Today: how to get out of it when you are stuck in the writing of your book.

Do you dream of submitting your manuscript for the "20 Minutes of the Novel Prize" on the theme "the future belongs to youth" but you are stuck in writing? The writer Maxime Chattam, sponsor and president of the jury, helps you out.

"There are no miracle answers when you are stuck, but on the other hand, there are certainly lots of ways to try to find a solution or to work around the problem or to revive creativity a little…", explains -t it. And the writer, author of twenty novels, most of thriller and fantasy, to state all the three main tips:

  • Take a step back on your text, go for a walk to air your head.
  • Immerse yourself in one of your favorite books and see how the author does when he seems to be having the same difficulties as you.
  • Write down any oversights or new ideas on sticky notes and rearrange your story.

"To write," he explains, "is to put your hands in the grease, it must overflow, drip ... If you have no ink on your fingers, in any case you must have it in your brain, digital ink. Do not hesitate to tweak his words, his sentences… ”

Maxime Chattam's first tips

Tempted by the adventure of writing? You have until April 19 to send us your manuscript on a dedicated platform. For the more curious, the rules of this competition appear online. A first selection will be made in the spring by the readers of the “New Authors” platform, implemented by our partner Prisma media. The jury for the " 20 Minutes of the Novel Prize", which includes editorial journalists and readers of the " 20 Minutes books" platform, will then select, during the summer, the three or four finalists from a dozen retained titles.

The prize awarded to VIS! IONS

At the start of the school year, the winner, the one who has best combined the literary equation "respect for the imposed theme, quality of writing, originality and coherence of the story", will be chosen during a deliberation between the jury and its president, Maxime Chattam. Without being essential, resonances with current events can be appreciated.

The name of the winner will be announced at the next edition of our VIS! ONS event, scheduled for the end of the year. And the novel, co-published by Les Nouveaux Auteurs, Prisma media and 20 Minutes , will go on sale immediately.


“Prix 20 Minutes du roman”: Your newspaper is launching a writing competition sponsored by Maxime Chattam


VIDEO. "Prix 20 Minutes du roman": "Make us feel the slightly magical pleasure you had in writing", advises the president of the jury Maxime Chattam

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