Featured: Emmanuel Macron's expected plan to restore republican order

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Emmanuel Macron in front of students of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, February 4, 2020. REUTERS / Adrianna Bochenek

By: Norbert Navarro


Time is passing and this plan is still pending, government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye confirmed yesterday that the government will make announcements on the fight against communitarianism " before the municipal elections ".

And this morning, the daily newspapers Le Parisien and Le Figaro report that in all discretion, yesterday at the Élysée Palace, Emmanuel Macron received for lunch a dozen mayors to discuss, precisely, the plan that he must soon reveal to fight religious " separatism ", Le Parisien formula.

According to this newspaper, " for almost three hours, elected officials from the left as from the right (…) engaged in" an exercise in free reflection " dixit a participant. Proposals are put forward, in particular that of a charter for secularism, recalling the rules of reciprocity, rights and duties ”.

A " guest " of this Elysian lunch quoted by Le Parisien saw a president " convinced that we should no longer wait or miss "; a president " fully aware that we must take up the subject, particularly in the context of municipal elections, " said another guest to this daily. Which newspaper points it out: Emmanuel Macron knows that " the right and the RN have a ready-made angle of attack ".

This discreet Elysian lunch is enough in any case for the daily Le Figaro for this newspaper to announce that " the plan " of Emmanuel Macron to " restore the republican order " is " launched ". Even if Emmanuel Macron's upcoming announcements " remain secret at this stage ", Le Figaro announces this plan for " the third week of February ". And this newspaper understands that, "from now on, Emmanuel Macron will base his strategy on two new legs :" The restoration of republican order " on the one hand, and " the fight against separatism " on the other. To achieve this without breaking the country and running the risk of fueling stigma, the President of the Republic wants to place his approach under the sign of a "response to the request of French Muslims who aspire to be protected by the Republic against the political Islam and radical Islamism ". Clearly , explains Le Figaro : avoid at all costs mounting what would be "the national community " against what would be " the Muslim community ".

Also on the front page, the tribute to Kirk Douglas. The actor has just died at the age of 103:

And the French press expresses its reverence this morning

It was Hollywood, sighs Le Figaro . The men were strong, manly, macho. They showed muscles, drew faster than their shadow. The women did not seem to complain. Those that Kirk Douglas had hugged were to die for : Gene Tierney, Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford (…) Behind the blue eyes and the dimple of this seducer, the seventh art resembled seventh heaven. He was a boxer, a badass, a strong mouth. Not like "be beautiful and shut up", "says Le Figaro .

For Liberation , Kirk Douglas was also a " tough guy ", that is to say a " badass ". And this daily is spinning nostalgia this morning. " In the cinema too, he often dies and it is an end without a sentence, often at the end of a hazardous fight where his characters, sometimes carried by a grandiose ideal, but so often twisted, tormented, cracked, thought they could cheat before to be dryly called to order, biting the dust just before the credits. "

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