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VIDEO. Guy Ritchie and his funny "Gentlemen"


Director Guy Ritchie invites a beautiful line of stars around Matthew McConaughey for "The Gentlemen" in theaters this Wednesday

Guy Ritchie conducts Matthew McConaughey and Charle Hunnam on "Les Gentlemen" - SND

  • The Gentlemen offers delightful performances by actors against the backdrop of gang warfare around cannabis trafficking.
  • Matthew McConaughey, a drug kingpin, replies to Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, Eddie Marsan and Charlie Hunnam.
  • This choral film allows the director of Snatch to rediscover his favorite genre: the thriller.

Since Arnaques, crimes and botany in 1988, Guy Ritchie has established himself as a very skilled filmmaker to bring stars of the 7th art around him. The Gentlemen, which features Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, Charlie Hunnam and Eddie Marsan alongside Matthew McConaughey, is a good example.

"I wanted to orchestrate the telescoping between the lifestyle of my characters and their business," says Guy Ritchie in the press kit of The Gentlemen . This thriller about a king of the cannabis trade, which starts a war by wanting to sell his business, corresponds to what the British director knows how to do best: a virile and choral film where great actors give themselves the answer, strong of chiseled dialogues , with a palpable delight. 20 Minutes returns to the ingredients of a now proven recipe.

Know how to surround yourself

From his second film, Snatch in 2000, Guy Ritchie confronted Jason Statham, his favorite actor, with Brad Pitt and Benicio De Toro. The filmmaker then obtained the services of Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr for two parts of Sherlock Holmes in 2010 and 2012. “Guy knows how to bring his actors around him because he has a good comrade side that makes you feel comfortable with him, "said Jason Statham when Revolver was released. An impression that is seen on the screen during the screening of The Gentlemen .

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There's only one rule in this jungle: when the lion's hungry, he eats. Meet #TheGentlemen with this official poster. Coming soon to theaters.

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Supporting “good” bad boys

The gangster film is really the kind of predilection of Guy Ritchie who knows how to create delirious characters like the boss Dorothy Macha (Ray Liotta) in Revolver or the one embodied by Gerard Butler in Rocknrolla (2008). In The Gentlemen , we have a weakness for the coach of young boxers not really silly played by Colin Farrell. "There are not many gentlemen in my film," jokes Guy Ritchie. This is what makes the charm of meetings between these men ready to do anything to get rich.

#TheGentlemen is Guy Ritchie's return to the top of his game.

A brilliantly written pop cinema with an incredible cast. The filmmaker rediscovers his humor of yesteryear, and a more posed realization.

Unquestionably his best film since Snatch. Hugh Grant is awesome.

- Aubin Bouillé (@ 7emeCritique) January 27, 2020

Surprise by mistreating your heroes

After having transformed King Arthur into a “bad boy who discovers a potential to play the heroes” (in 2017) or the very special Agents of a series too wise into spies from a vitamin action film (in 2015), here he is, so cheerfully offbeat, transforms Hugh Grant into a blackmailer. It has been a long time since the British actor was as good as in this greedy character who undermines his image of seducer. To see him try to arrange his business in front of an impavid Charlie Hunnam is twisted. Just like the whole film.


Guy Ritchie imagines King Arthur as a “bad boy who discovers a potential to play the heroes”


“Very special agents: UNCLE code”: What sets the film apart from the series

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