Social media users use the hashtag #coronavirus to increase engagement on their accounts in the form of likes, followers and comments, The Independent reports.

Poses with gas masks

The widely debated influencer Logan Paul, who has 17 million followers on Instagram, has among other things posted a picture where he and three women posing with gas masks. In the caption he has written "Fuck the coronavirus." The picture has been met with great criticism in the comments field. One user writes: “This is not fun. People have actually died. "

Similarly, a German exercise influencer with the username fitness oscar who vacation in Thailand has posted a picture where he kisses a woman. The link to the corona virus? They both wear protective masks. In the caption he writes "We are still enjoying our holiday and hope that this misery will end soon."

"This is so tasteless"

One comment reads: "This is so tasteless, people die of the virus and you use it for clout?" The word clout is used on social media and refers to influence, power and celebrity.

Under the hashtag you can also see pictures from accounts with fewer followers, where a man shows off his outfit with protective mask as an accessory. A woman poses in different masks and writes "#coronavirus outfits."