Mayotte in October 2011. - Julien Menielle / 20 Minutes

The campaign for municipal elections is going badly in Mayotte. An unlabelled candidate in Dembeni, in the center-east of Mayotte, was violently attacked by young people from a neighboring village after a public meeting. His vital prognosis is underway, according to the prosecutor. Midiar Boinaïdi Djadjou was evacuated to Reunion on Monday afternoon and placed in an artificial coma.

Clashes between gangs for a week

The candidate was assaulted on the night of Sunday to Monday by a gang of young people from the neighboring village of Tsararano. He found himself in his car surrounded by twenty people confirmed the public prosecutor. Midiar Boinaïdi Djadjou received a petanque ball in the back before falling to the ground. Then he was kicked and chombo (cut-cut) kicked. "It was not beautiful to see, I did not recognize it. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, "says one of his political competitors and nevertheless friend Soyfoudine Mlamali who visited him at the hospital before his medical evacuation in Réunion, the other French ocean department. Indian.

This aggression comes when, for the past week, clashes between Dembeni and Tsararano gangs have taken place every day, sowing terror among the inhabitants. Monday afternoon, forty gendarmes intervened to disperse bands who were fighting in front of the Tsararano high school. And deviations forced motorists to avoid the area. The use of tear gas canisters was necessary to restore traffic on the RN2 in the early evening.

In the investigation into the attack on Midiar Boinaïdi Djadjou, no arrest could be made. But the prosecution relies on the witnesses present who were also injured to provide the information necessary to identify the attackers.


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