Elon Musk once again decided to remind fans that he is not only a technical genius and a billionaire. The head of Space X and Tesla shared with the world his new track Don't doubt ur vibe ("Do not doubt yourself"). Dance composition is available on the Soundcloud platform.

On Twitter, Musk explained that he acted as the author of the words and personally recorded the composition, and as a proof posted a photo from the recording studio.


- E “D” M (@elonmusk) January 31, 2020

Apparently, anticipating the reaction of the Internet community, the billionaire resorted to self-irony, noting that the song turned out to be quite complicated. In fact, its text consists of two straightforward lines: Don’t doubt your vibe / Because it's true (Don’t doubt yourself, / You're real).

However, Ilon Mask thoroughly prepared for the publication of the song - and even changed his nickname on Twitter to E "D" M (this abbreviation coincides with the name of the song genre Electonic Dance Music - electronic dance music).

The song was released under the auspices of the label Emo G Records, which is also owned by Musk: apparently, finances allow the billionaire not to entrust new ideas to outside companies, but to expand his own field of activity.

Well forgotten old

This is not the first time that Elon Musk shares his musical creativity. However, the previous experience of the billionaire was not taken seriously by the public: the entrepreneur posted the first track on April 1 - the day of the fool, and the release was considered a joke.

April Fool’s track, which the media attributed to rap (in fact, the composition is closer to hip-hop), was dedicated to a gorilla named Harambe. The animal lived in the Cincinnati Zoo and was killed in May 2016, as a child fell into the aviary and the beast began to show aggression.

The incident caused a controversial reaction from the public and experts. Musk in his song did not express his position on this score - the composition text first of all says that Harambe, who went to paradise, is loved and remembered.

Musk called the track his best creation at that time. Interestingly, the vocal skills of the billionaire were reinforced by autotune - software that adjusts the vocal part to the instrumental. This technology was invented by Andy Hildebrand, so the head of Tesla did not have to resort to his developer skills.

Musk presented both of his tracks on Twitter. If the debut single, most users of the social network did not take seriously, the new song attracted the attention of even representatives of music services. For example, Bubuka proposed a collaboration Mask.

Dear Elon Musk!

We in the BUBUKA company highly appreciated your musical talent, and we offer mutually beneficial cooperation. If you fill out the questionnaire on our website (https://t.co/lCHYMAwi06), in 24 hours your track will be played all over Russia.

Think about it! 😘

- BUBUKA (@ BUBUKA94524035) January 31, 2020

Also, the producers of the American label Gud Vibrations became seriously interested in the possibility of collaboration. The idea was picked up and developed by other users of social networks: The mask was immediately advised to record a track with his girlfriend Grimes or Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

However, in RuNet it was not without jokes about the countless talents of an American entrepreneur. Some Twitter users believe the new track has a great future ... on Mars.

“This will be the opening track on the first open air on Mars (lol). Bravo Elon, ”one of the commentators wrote.

Some were quite frank in their assessments. “He’s a marketer, of course, brilliant, but somehow with music he’s somehow not very good,” said another user.

Abroad, Mask hobbies are perceived mainly with humor. Some listeners, for example, compare the engineer with the performers of Post Malone and Lil Peep.

Lil Elon lol pic.twitter.com/4Ru3jY9R2O

- Shash 🌐 (@ZSHASHZ) January 31, 2020

Another user combined the two new brainchild of the inventor - a song and an electric pickup: “Now I know exactly what my Tesla Cybertruck should do when I ask him:“ Is it worth doubting yourself? ”

As often happens, one high-profile event made Internet users recall other phenomena of pop culture. So, the inventor was advised to combine the song with the hit of this winter - "The Witcher pay with a minted coin." Musk responded with a meme with Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker.


- E “D” M (@elonmusk) January 31, 2020

Someone considered it necessary to reproach Ilon Mask for his financial situation - they say that it is easy to give such advice to a successful businessman with a worldwide reputation.

"Oh no! Elon Musk, to the rescue! I doubted myself and did not know how to deal with this. I wish the billionaire’s self-confidence, and there wasn’t anyone to ruin my ambitions, ”the blogger writes.