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Betelgeuse, the Great Triangle Star in Winter, Darkest in 50 Years


“Betelgeuse”, one of the stars of the great triangle in winter, shines brightly in the night sky, and its brightness has declined rapidly since last fall…

Betelgeuse, the star of the great triangle in winter, the darkest in 50 years, January 30, 5:22


Betelgeuse, a bright triangular star in the night sky and one of the great triangle stars in winter, has been fading rapidly since last autumn and is the darkest in 50 years.

Betelgeuse, one of the three stars that make up the great triangle of winter, is known as the shining red star in Orion and is more than 640 light years away from Earth.

According to the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, the brightness of "Betelgeuse" used to be about 0.5 mag, which was classified as a first magnitude star. It is about 1.6 mag, and it is as bright as a 2nd magnitude star, the darkest in 50 years.

`` Betelgeuse '' is also known as a variable star called `` variable star '', experts in this phenomena think that it will shine bright again, and a huge explosion called `` supernova explosion '' Some experts suggest that it may be a precursor to the problem.

According to associate professor Hitoshi Yamaoka of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, "I think that some people have noticed that it has become darker by looking at the night sky. I am very interested. "

Source: nhk

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