Three more people infected in Bavaria - page 1

In Bavaria, three other people have been infected with the novel corona virus. They were related to the first confirmed case of the new lung disease in Germany, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. The three newly infected patients are also employees of the Webasto company from the Starnberg district, where the first person affected is employed.

"It was decided that the three new patients should also be admitted to the Munich Clinic Schwabing and medically monitored and isolated there," the ministry said. "A few other contact persons are currently testing whether they are also infected with the corona virus." The Ministry of Health did not initially provide any further information.

An infection with the novel corona virus was confirmed for the first time on Monday evening. A man from the district of Starnberg in Bavaria caught a colleague from China. The woman was thus infected with her parents, who came from the particularly affected city of Wuhan in central China. She only developed symptoms on the return flight to China on January 23.

Bavaria's health minister Melanie Huml (CSU) said according to the message: "A total of around 40 employees of the company were identified who could be considered as close contacts. Those affected should be tested on Wednesday as a precaution."

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV can trigger a lung disease from which more than 100 people have already died in the main distribution country China. Most of them were elderly patients with serious medical conditions. The total number of diseases known worldwide has now risen to more than 4,500; in China at least 106 people died of the lung disease.