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Afghanistan: US military plane apparently crashed over Taliban area


According to reports from the authorities about a plane crash in eastern Afghanistan, the situation was initially unclear. According to the Taliban, it is said to be an aircraft of the US armed forces.

The plane that crashed in eastern Afghanistan is probably a machine of the US military. The Taliban said so. "An American occupation plane crashed in Ghasni province," said Taliban spokesman Sabihullah Mujahid. All crew members were killed in the crash.

The US military had previously launched an investigation into reports of a Taliban area crash. According to the US Central Command, it was unclear who the aircraft belonged to. The media first reported on the crash of a passenger plane belonging to the Afghan airline Ariana Airlines. However, this indicated that it could not confirm a plane crash. All machines of the state-owned aviation group are functional and safe.

The Afghan civil aviation authority was also unable to confirm any plane crash in the country. Only a military aircraft should have made an emergency landing at Sharana Airport in the east of the country. But there were neither deaths nor injuries. A spokesman for the Ministry of Transport in Kabul said that he "can" rule out with certainty that a passenger plane has crashed.

The situation was initially unclear

However, authorities in the eastern province of Ghasni had spoken of a plane crash in the Deh Jak district. This region is controlled by the Taliban. According to the local authority, the disaster occurred at 1:10 p.m. local time (9.40 a.m.CET). Later, images appeared on social networks that allegedly showed the crash site. Parts of a Bombardier E-11A are said to have been seen in the photos. The US military uses such machines for electronic surveillance over Afghanistan.

How many people were on board the plane remained unclear. At the time there was also no information about the cause of the alleged crash. Military aircraft keep crashing in Afghanistan - especially helicopters.

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