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News is going fast, very fast. But what if we landed? What if you stayed? Because it's you, because it's us, because between you and us, you know, it's serious, here is our weekly selection of articles that give you food for thought.

1. The fear virus

So what is this new coronavirus that reached the city of Wuhan in December and has already killed 26 people in China? The World Health Organization is worried especially as population movements are looming for the Chinese New Year.

2 - Memories for Sala

A year ago, on January 21, Emiliano Sala disappeared in a plane crash. A dark day for his loved ones, FC Nantes. A day like no other for writing 20 Minutes . Beating, attempting to confirm, emotions ... You can hear and listen to this original podcast.

3. Question of nuance (political)

The decision of the executive to no longer assign a political “nuance” to the candidates for the next municipal elections in the municipalities of less than 9,000 inhabitants, went badly with the opposition. Emmanuel Macron and his majority are trying to downplay a possible defeat in this election? Get your opinion by going here.

4. It's long, but it's not good

Just for your hair , would we be following the rest of the film with Adam Sandler? The story is however very real. In India, the 17-year-old Indian girl, Nilanshi Patel, has just entered the Guinness World Records with her hair, 190 cm long. However, holding such an impressive mane carries risks.

5. Foreign (investor), you are welcome in this village

Good news, job creation is doing much better in France. And this goes hand in hand with a return of foreign investors to our country. A credit to be given to Emmanuel Macron's reforms, according to certain economists, despite the movement of "yellow vests" and the strikes.

6. SpaceX, to infinity and beyond

How far will Elon Musk's business go? After completing a final safety test requested by NASA, the next flight of the SpaceX capsule, Crew Dragon, could soon carry astronauts on board. And that perhaps signals the return of great space travel with a crazy project that concerns the planet Mars.

7. Why we have it all wrong when we are nice

A little philosophy? A lot of info especially. In our last issue of OMF Oh my fake, Lucie explains why the heart is not our best weapon against fakes. It's on Snapchat that it happens, so scan this snapcode!

There, that's it for this week. Remember to read us this weekend, we are thinking of you all the time. Promised.

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