Farmers Defense Force (FDF) action group wants The Hague to "shake its foundations" on 5 February. On that day, a discussion is taking place between the government and the Agricultural Collective about measures related to the nitrogen crisis.

In a press release sent Friday, spokesperson Mark van den Oever writes that Prime Minister Mark Rutte must see the farmers "and change his mind three times before he cheats on us".

At a previous farmers' protest in The Hague, when farmers flocked to the Malieveld from all over the Netherlands, there was a record amount of traffic jams during the morning rush hour: over 1,136 kilometers.

In mid-December the Agricultural Collective, the umbrella organization in which thirteen agricultural organizations are represented, already met once. Minister Carola Schouten (Agriculture) must reduce nitrogen emissions and precipitation after the Council of State (RvS) put an end to the old government's nitrogen policy.

The agricultural sector emits the most nitrogen, 46 percent of the total precipitation, but there is no broad support among the farmers for measures. At the last meeting an agreement seemed to have been concluded, but that was almost immediately denied in all keys by, among others, FDF.

According to the action group, their members are "still not being taken seriously", and the ministers are working on "plans that are only good to legalize their paper reality". The pig farmers who want to be bought out are "seriously deficient".

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