6 months suspension of junior high school teacher to cutter knives for students Chiba Jan 20 15:15

At a municipal junior high school in Chiba, a 20-year-old male teacher turned a knife knife to two male students as a student guide, and the city's Board of Education disciplined the teacher for six months. I did it.

A 29-year-old male teacher working at a municipal junior high school in Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba City, was disciplined.

According to the Chiba Board of Education, the teacher stabbed a first-grade boy student with a sharp-edged knife around the neck of the school during this month, and then turned the blade to another student. about it.

This teacher was in charge of the first grade student guidance, and the last day, saying that the graffiti that had been scratched by a sharp object on the window frame of the classroom was found the day before, saying, "The knife must be used correctly." Turned the cutter to the two students who were sitting in the table.

The student was not injured.

The teacher told the Chiba City Board of Education that he was saying `` I thought that I showed something with a strong impact and thought seriously, but I was sorry to be scared '' On the 20th, she was suspended for six months.

Toshiyuki Fuse, Chief of the Board of Education of the Chiba City Board of Education, apologized, "I'm sorry to make you feel uneasy."