Throughout the interview, Tote King (Manuel González; Sevilla, 1978) fiddles with a basketball. He resorts to him when he composes and gets stuck. To reduce stress. He is a shy guy. Anyone would say it by watching him on stage or listening to the lyrics of his songs, which are like gunshots aimed at his legion of followers.

Ready to give it all next Saturday 25 in Madrid (in La Riviera)? I'm rehearsing a lot. A bolus is one hour, but this is going to be two hours with six important collaborations. I'm shit. I'm shy. The part I like most about my profession is recording in the studio. On stage I need three cups to be uninhibited, loose and relaxed. With this album he was nominated for the Latin Grammys, which were held in November, but he planted them and did not go to the gala. It made no sense that it was. These parties are very focused on urban music and it was very rare that we were nominated with a rap album, when all the artists are trap and reggaeton. With 41 years I find it absurd to make a flight of 15 hours or more to go to Las Vegas. The artists that are there live in the red carpets and handle codes that are not mine. I do not want to be looking for a suit or look me up and down to see how I am doing. With 20 years I would have been excited, not anymore. It seems to sound ugly, but if they don't pay me I don't move from my house. On Sunday of the gala I prefer to go to my mother's house to eat an omelette than to travel to Las Vegas for what? She has announced that in 2020 she will not perform live. Doesn't it motivate you anymore? No, it's not that. I have been non-stop since 2014, but in reality I have been like that since 2002, with only two or three months without performances. My life is the road and splicing one tour with another. And that is crazy. I have had depressions, I am medicated, stomach ulcer, hiatus hernia ... But this year I stop. The album Lebron has gone great: we made a crap box and we played on all sides. Maybe he wants to finish his studies in English Philology? He has few subjects left. Yes, only four, but I already took everything that could be extracted from the race: my friendship with a teacher who recommended books, my anecdotes ... The title is worthless. In February he will publish the book Bunker with Blackie Books publishing house. The book has essay, reflection and other memories, but they are not some to use and I have fled from telling a musician's battalions. I have a literary vocation since I was little and I like to read. He is a follower of the writer Enrique Vila-Matas, who will make the prologue of his book. He has always been my literary idol. The professor of the career that I took as a colleague recommended it to me in 2004 and blew my head when I met him. "This is what I want to read," I told myself. I am happy with the book; It is the most serious work and in which I have worked the most, more than on any record of mine. Many will be surprised to meet a university rapper, who reads a lot and writes books. It is not the topic of the bad boy involved in the world of crime. I have had that tyranny for going to university and there were jokes: “Look, the university rapper”, but I did not care and sweaty the cock. Does it self-censor? No, and it cost me dearly, eh!, position myself politically. Even mocked that I said in 2006, when we were all animals. But the macho songs that I wrote years ago I have removed from my repertoire because we listen to them now and they are savage. It comforts us that then we were a donkey country, as we were almost all. How do you see Spain? Spain is this: this house, that of my mother and my friends. Kiko Veneno argues that putting flags of Spain on the balconies generates hate. according to. I would not take out the Andalusian flag or any. When you get one, you not only say that you are more Spanish, but yours can be better than any other. It is a narcissistic exercise and a way of saying my country yes, but yours, no. He left basketball to devote himself to rap. He played in the second national, but he sucked a lot of money. My father was a coach and he put my brother and me since childhood. And the excesses of the artists' lives? In our time it has been cocaine and alcohol, which is a big problem because we Spaniards drink like animals and I first. But sport has saved me. I was coming on a tour and I was going to train. With the life I've led, it would be dusty if I were sedentary and didn't do sports.

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