Setagaya family murder case Bereaved family reveals house at site for the first time 11:57 on January 18

Twenty years ago, the bereaved family made their media available to some media for the first time in a house where four families were killed in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Some of the items used by the family have been left intact, and the bereaved have claimed that "I want to know that the four lived so hard here."

Omisoka of 2000, Mikio Miyazawa (44 at that time) and wife Yasuko (41 at that time) in a house in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Niina-chan (8 at the time) who was the second grader in elementary school, 8 Four members of Rei-kun (then six) were found killed.

The case will remain unresolved for 20 years, but on the 18th, Yasuko's older sister Anne Irie (62) wants four people to know the proof that they lived. Was published for the first time.

The house had piled cardboard to store the artifacts, but the dining table with the family was left alone, and the teaching materials used for children's learning were placed.

On the second-floor wall, there were traces of bamboo shoots that wrote the height of Niina and Rei as a proof of the children's growth.

On the other hand, there were traces of a terrible incident, such as a bed in a bedroom on the second floor where Rei was found killed, and a sofa on which a criminal took off a hat.

Regarding the housing at the site, the Metropolitan Police Department has finished work to preserve the situation inside the housing as evidence, and has been asking the bereaved to demolish the building as the building is aging.

Mr. Irie says, "I want you to know that four people were working hard here. For the demolition, only four people occasionally thought about how to respond and came to the site open. The case was resolved as soon as possible. I want it. "