High school students during a bac test. (illustration) - KONRAD K./SIPA

The “B3” continuous assessment tests for the new baccalaureate were canceled on Saturday morning at the Blaise-Pascal high school in Clermont-Ferrand, after the intrusion of opponents in the corridors of the establishment. From 7:30 am, around 300 teachers, students, gathered in front of the school and then took to the corridors "to disrupt the tests" at the call of an inter-union, said Frédéric Campguilhem, academic co-secretary of CGT-Education.

"The headmistress therefore decided to cancel them, the high school students all left, we are happy to have succeeded in this symbolic action because everything went smoothly," added the union official. The pupils of first of this high school, one of the most important of Clermont-Ferrand, had to pass from 9:00 am tests of modern languages ​​- English, Italian and Chinese - counting for the continuous control established by the reform of the baccalaureate . These were postponed "to a later date," confirmed a spokesman for the rectorate of Clermont-Ferrand.

Rector condemns

The rector of the academy Karim Benmiloud "firmly condemned this intrusion into the school by outside personnel to prevent the E3C tests from taking place this (Saturday) morning," said the spokesman. The rectorate also specified that the upcoming events in other establishments in the region "are organized and will take place".

According to Claude Deletang, departmental secretary of the FSU of Puy-de-Dôme, the inter-union (SNES-FSU, CGT, FO, Unef, SNALC, South) calls to continue these actions in the coming days. “We want the withdrawal of the Blanquer reform, because it is the end of the national bac, we are moving towards an à la carte bac. Teachers don't know what to prepare students for; they become more assessors than teachers, ”he said.

Several teachers' unions have called for a boycott of the new baccalaureate, asking for the tests to be postponed and denouncing an ill-prepared reform.


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