Kyoani arson suspects can talk smoothly 6:22 on January 18, half a year from the incident


It is six months from the arson of Kyoto Animation, where 36 people died. Shinji Aoba, who has been arrested for alleged arson and murder, has recovered to a state where he can talk smoothly, and the police arrested as soon as he judged that he could withstand detention, and detailed details of the case Is a policy to investigate.

On July 18, last year, the first studio of Kyoto Animation in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, was set on fire, causing 36 employees to die and 33 seriously injured.

Police say that two of the seriously injured employees are still in the hospital and are being treated.

In this case, Shinji Aoba, 41, who had been arrested for arson or murder, said in a previous investigation that his fire had been lit because his novel was stolen. Police have seen the company unilaterally grudge against the company because they were talking about "getting the first studio where the most people work," or "being executed anyway."

Sixteen months after the incident, it was six months, and according to the people concerned, Aoba could not get up on his own or eat meals, but he recovered to a state where he could exchange greetings and daily conversations with nurses etc. smoothly. is.

Police will arrest and investigate the details of the case as soon as they determine they can withstand detention.

Survivors "arrest as soon as possible"

Six months after the incident, one of the bereaved family members of the deceased employee interviewed NHK.

The bereaved family said, "Every time I see a young man on TV or in the town, I am depressed by remembering my face and appearance when I was alive. My family does not leave the Buddhist altar and remains sunk in sadness. It's hard to feel for a long time, but when I notice it's been six months, and I don't understand the sense of time.

To Shinji Aoba, "I wanted to know why I did this, but listening to the story of the suspect is inconsistent, and I do not think that humans do it very much and I can not understand it. While we are suffering, we can't stop angering being in a safe and comfortable place. I want you to be arrested as soon as possible. "

Regarding the site of the first studio where dismantling is underway, the bereaved family said, "I want you to be a place where you can go to pray, such as a memorial monument or a park. However, local residents who do not want an unspecified number of people to come I think it is a difficult problem because I understand the feelings. It may take time, but I would like you to decide on the policy as soon as possible without leaving it as it is. "

First work after the incident To be released in April

Six months have passed since the incident, and Kyoto Animation has begun to rebuild, including the production of new films.

Among them, the first work "Violet Evergarden the Movie", which will be produced in earnest after the incident, will be released on April 24.

The animator training school, which had stopped recruiting due to the incident, resumed student recruitment for enrollment in April, and there were many applications by the deadline.

Following the incident, the company's open donation account was closed on the 27th of last month, but received much support from around the world. The final amount of the donation announced by Kyoto Prefecture is 3,341,383,481 yen, which means that the entire amount will be distributed to survivors and victims.

In addition, the deceased employees have been recognized as work-related accidents, and some have begun receiving compensation.