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"Tibanian" International Society named


The geological formations in Chiba Prefecture, about 770,000 years ago, were registered under international geological standards, and the geological era up to about 120,000 years ago was described as "Chibani ...

"Tibanian" Named by International Academic Association First registration in Japanese stratum January 17, 14:21

The international society decided to register the geological formation of about 770,000 years ago in Chiba prefecture with international standards of geology, and to name the geological era up to about 120,000 years ago as `` Tibanian '' Was. This is the first time that Japanese geological formations have been registered to international standards, and it is likely that "Tibanian" will appear in high school geoscience textbooks in the future.

The stratum of about 770,000 years ago in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, has left traces of the reversal of the earth's geomagnetism at this time, and groups such as Ibaraki University and the National Institute of Polar Research have been working on geological geography representing one era of the earth. I had applied for an international conference to be registered in the "international standard land" which is the standard.

A vote on the board of the International Academic Society held in South Korea on March 17 confirmed the registration, and the geological era from about 770,000 to 120,000 years ago was named "Chibanian" after Chiba Prefecture. It was decided to name it.

In geology, about 4.6 billion years of the Earth's history is divided into 117 eras based on “international standard land” and other standards, but this is the first time that the era has been determined based on the geological strata of Japan.

The era of Tibanian includes important periods in the history of the earth, including the birth of Homo sapiens, a human being, and in the future, the description of Tibanian will be seen in high school earth science textbooks It is likely to be.

Source: nhk

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