Dubai's cultural heritage is an integral part of its civilizational identity, embodied in many of the rising historical monuments on the land of this emirate, which buzzes with history, heritage and life. The museums, homes and ancient markets are among the most important of those landmarks that highlight the originality of the city and its ancient history, which deserves to be explored by its captivating landmarks, learn about its human values, and benefit from its lessons and wisdom.

From here, the Culture and Arts Authority in Dubai (Dubai Culture) highlights some of the most prominent historical and heritage sites in the emirate, through the activities of "Days of Shindagha", which it organizes for the first time in the historical neighborhood of Al-Shindagha, through a bunch of tours prepared for visitors, with the aim of enriching their knowledge , And give their experiences a special cultural event. At the request of the public, the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) announced the extension of the activities of “Shindagha Days” until the date of the 20th of this month.

"The Creek" is the cradle and heart of Dubai

Dubai's cultural memory and traditions are present in the heart of the "Shindagha Museum", which sits on the banks of the creek, and on a tour through it the visitor sails the memory corridors to get to know the emirate's charming past. The museum was developed as part of an initiative to transform the historical Shindagha region into a regional center for culture and heritage. The "Al-Shindagha Museum" tells, through its holdings and exhibits, a deep story about the creativity of man and his strong determination to achieve the goals set by his mind, as reflected in the progress and prosperity that Dubai has reached today, in which it is possible to explore the rich heritage of true Emirati culture and its origins.

The world of perfumes

The perfume house takes its visitors on a journey enveloped in fragrant perfumes, to get acquainted with the ancient traditions of the breathtaking world of perfumes, and to discover some unique ingredients and scents that are used as the basics for making Emirati perfumes. They also travel to them throughout the history of perfumery in the region, by displaying artifacts dating back to the ages ranging from ancient times to the present day.

«Museum of the Union»

On another tour, the "Days of Shindagha" toured its visitors around the "Museum of the Union", which is located in the Union House, where the state constitution was signed in 1971. The reception building, designed in the form of a curve inspired by the shape of the constitution paper, has seven columns that symbolize To the pens used to sign the document. The museum includes a group of interactive areas that allow visitors to discover the history of the country, shedding light on the development of the Emirates, specifically during the period between 1968 and 1974 through pictures and movies, and the museum displays the exhibition “Founding Parents”, which includes a group of pictures that have not been seen before, For the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, may God bless them.

Al Fahidi Neighborhood

The tour in the historic “Al Fahidi neighborhood” provides an opportunity to experience the traditional lifestyle that prevailed in Dubai from the mid-19th century until the 1970’s, where the visitor receives tall buildings with tall barges built with traditional building materials of coral stone, plaster, teak wood, sandalwood, palm fronds and trunks It is spontaneously compact, with alleys separated by "alleys" and "public squares", which gives the neighborhood a natural aesthetic diversity. And spread throughout the neighborhood cafes, restaurants and inns with a picturesque and comfortable heritage atmosphere.

Dubai's cultural memory and traditions are present in the heart of the "Shindagha Museum", which sits on the banks of the creek.

- A deep story about the creativity of man and his strong determination to achieve the goals he set in mind.