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January 15, 2020

Jennifer Lopez pays homage to Madonna in her latest Guess & Marciano campaign

Jennifer Lopez seems to have taken inspiration from Madonna in her latest campaign for the Guess & Marciano brand. And we can indeed see on the first images of the campaign that the inspiration of the Material Girl is present.

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GUESS who's back ?! #JenniferLopez returns as the face of @guess and @marciano 🌍 worldwide #JLOxGUESS. “The vibe this time was a mix between an Italian film star from the 60s, mixed with Madonna from the 80s, mixed with Sofia Loren.” - #GUESSGirl Jennifer Lopez. 📲 Follow @guess, @marciano and @jlo on IG for more exclusive Spring 2020 campaign pics and videos. Who's ready? 🎉. Creative Director: @paulmarciano Photographer 📷: @tatianagigi Makeup: @ scottbarnes68 Hair: @ chrisappleton1 Stylists: @robzangardi @marielhaenn Nails: @tombachik

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Electric green belted tight dress, hair and makeup typically 1980s, everything is there! “I am very pleased to meet Jennifer Lopez for a second Guess and Marciano campaign. Jennifer continues to push the boundaries in music, fashion, or the film industry, "said Paul Marciano in a statement from Billboard.

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Britney Spears denies exhibiting soon in France

Recently, the Galerie Sympa de Figeac made headlines by announcing on its site that it will host the first painting exhibition of Britney Spears. Only problem: it is absolutely not on the program for Brit-Brit! His press secretary said that there was "nothing true" in the gallery's statement, as the BBC relayed.

More details should be given during the week by the gallery owner, Jean Colombain.


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