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Néboa: Galician cluedo on the & apos; thriller & apos route; by Spain of TVE


After looking out at the Benasque Valley in La Caza, Monteperdido -renovated by a second installment titled Tramuntana and located in Mallorca- and show the most sordid Malaga in

After peering into the Benasque Valley in La Caza, Monteperdido - renewed by a second installment titled Tramuntana and located in Mallorca - and showcasing the most sordid Malaga in Malaka , RTVE continues to investigate the endless possibilities of the thriller traveling to Galicia. Specifically to the imaginary island of Néboa, by the hand of Emma Suárez as the civil guard in charge of solving a series of mysterious murders, Gonzalo López-Gallego as director, and a local team led by the Audiovisual Voice producer and three Galician scriptwriters: Xosé Morais , Víctor Sierra and Alberto Guntín .

"For us it was very important in all these series, in addition to the case itself, the place where the events take place, that geography, landscape, history and legend were another suspect of this Cluedo," says Fernando López Puig , director of content of TVE, on Néboa , which debuts this Wednesday at 22.40 hours in La 1 .

Thus, fiction begins on the first night of the Galician or Entroido carnival with the appearance of the body of a teenager in O Burato do Demo . In this cave, surrounded by legends, bodies killed in the same way had already appeared in 1989 and 1919. On both occasions, the crimes began a series of five murders during the eight days of carnival that were never resolved. The popular belief points to the urco , a wolf-headed man who leaves the sea surrounded by chains to take the living. But the killer is real and all the characters are suspicious.

«The legend is a character and is part of the stage. For those of us outside, it helps us discover these traditions that we don't know. And confusion increases to find the suspect, ”explains Suarez, who returns to the public after passing through Movistar + in La zona and Netflix with Criminal . The winner of three awards Goya plays Monica, "an intuitive and unusual researcher who serves as an element of contrast to accompany the viewer." According to the interpreter herself, «she is a woman who has perhaps neglected her personal life focused on her profession, a woman with authority, but not authoritarian, who is faced with the difficulties of reaching a place that is alien to her and where she has not Know nobody, ”he adds.

His right hand will be Carmela, another woman civil guard embodied by Isabel Naveira , an actress known nationally for her work in Fariña - like her partner Antonio Durán , Morris -, who on the Galician Television has starred in other thrillers such as Matalobos .

" Néboa is a series starring two women and two mothers who claim a different motherhood," said the executive producer of Audiovisual Voice, Fernanda Tabares , who details the origin of this story: "We started talking about the possibility of doing this thriller ago two years », when The end of the road , the first series of this producer on TVE. «We recorded for four months in natural locations in the area of ​​Cabo Ortegal, in A Coruña. And we have looked for a non-topical portrait of Galicia to avoid falling into stereotypes, ”he says.

Gonzalo López-Gallego completes the technical payroll as director of four of the eight episodes - one for each day of the carnival - of Néboa and responsible for the design of the series. «I was clear that this rare atmosphere, that feeling of unease and the drama about the death of this girl had to affect all the planning, the staging and the direction of actors. My way of shooting is very consistent with that to give consistency to the series and that at no time this was frivolous or festive, ”he says, insisting, on the unity he has tried to give fiction.

On the difficulties of filming, where the spectacular exteriors shine, Emma Suarez acknowledges that at first she felt a little out of place, just like her character. "It was the actress who came from outside, the cast and crew were almost all Galician, but I finished the series wanting to buy me a house there," he confessed.

The Galician audiovisual lives a sweet moment and this is summarized by actor Antonio Durán: «In Galicia we are used to doing miracles with very little thing and this is an opportunity for an industry that has been there for many years to be able to come to public light and that see what we can do ».

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