Kyoto Ani Arson Incident Accidents of deceased employees are recognized as workers' injuries Compensation paid to some bereaved families January 15 12:07

In July last year, the Kyoto Animation Labor Standards Inspection Office recognized the deceased employees as work-related accidents and compensated some bereaved families in a case where 36 people died in a fire in the studio of Kyoto Animation in Kyoto. Has begun.

In July last year, 36 employees were killed and 33 were seriously injured in the event that the first studio of “Kyoto Animation” in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto was set on fire.

According to the people involved, the Kyoto South Labor Standards Inspection Office has recognized the deceased employees as work-related accidents and has begun to provide compensation to some bereaved families.

All of the employees were involved in the incident while working in the studio, but the number and reasons for the number of employees accredited for work injury were not disclosed.

Aside from compensation accompanying work-related injuries, a donation of more than 3,340 million yen has been received following this incident, and the Kyoto Prefectural Allocation Committee is proceeding with discussions to allocate the entire amount to bereaved families and victims Is.