Relatives of the adolescent received a prophylactic vaccination - Mario Tamma AFP / Getty Images / Arch.

His death dates back to the night of January 7 to 8. A 15-year-old adolescent was swept away by meningitis in Nice. A protocol has been put in place by the Pace Regional Health Agency (ARS) to limit the risks of contagion, reports Nice-Matin.

No other cases have been reported, according to the public establishment. According to Samer Aboukais, ARS doctor delegated to watch and health security questioned by the regional daily, "at-risk contacts" were identified and received preventive antibiotic treatment in addition, for some, a prophylactic vaccination.

Les Palmiers High School in mourning

In the class of the young victim, a third professional prep at Lycée Les Palmiers, east of Nice, the students are in mourning, but also worried. Some "had to go to the hospital for treatment and another went to the hospital on Friday for the same symptoms," said one of their teachers in Nice-Matin .

On June 14, 2019, ARS Paca had announced the death in Nice of a high school student "who died of purpura fulminans, probably due to an invasive meningococcal infection".

The organization then recalled that "invasive meningococcal infections are rare diseases in France". “Meningitis is the most common form. They can result in fever, headache, stiff neck, vomiting, discomfort in the light or the appearance of spots on the body, "he added.


Judicial information opened after the death in Nice of a high school student from meningitis


"Meningitis can cause terrible neurological damage"

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